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Anchor Flag & Pole, Inc. is a privately owned and operated manufacturing and retail facility located in Dallas, Texas.  We are manufacturers of Custom Flags, Banners, Signs, Decals and retailers of a wide array of United States Flags, State and Foreign Flags, Armed Services and Military Flags and Products as well as patriotic and residential decorations and display items.  We also carry a large variety of Indoor and Outdoor Flagpoles for residential, commercial or institutional use, along with various accessories such as Floor Stands, Flagpole Ornaments and many other items to compliment your flag and flagpole.

For 30 years, Anchor Flag and Pole, Inc. has been a leader in the flag and banner industry, a stronghold for its local clientelle and an inspiration to the nation. Immediately after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon there was an enormous outcry for patriotism, which led many of our citizens to show their resolve and make a stance against the barbarric terrorism that had taken place on our soil. Anything having to do with the United States Flag was purchased and displayed to show the pride for our nation and to reflect and remember those who lost their lives. The flag industry was inundated with demand for the United States Flag.  Anchor Flag was the only flag company in the nation able to keep up with the demand, due to caring, patriotic customers who, after standing in line for hours at our facility to get their very own US Flag, stood up, took action and volunteered their own time to help with constructing flags for others.  Some had never cut fabric. Some had never sewn a hem.  Some had never even bought a US Flag before. Yet they were all willing to put forth thier best effort in our greatest time of need for unity, for the sake of our country.  Hundreds of people – one after another – volunteered their own time towards the gain of someone else and the resolve of our nation.  It was truly our finest hour!

Anchor Flag & Pole, Inc. is as committed to our clients as those patriots were to each other.  We stand by our products, not only with information or knowledge support, but with PRIDE!

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